Studio of fabrics repair

Welcome to our studio!

This place came into existence from great love for old fabrics. We are repairing them, darning and saving after being damaged in various ways. Our ‘patients’ are carpets, kilims, gobelins, old embroideries, tapiserie and all sorts of tapestries. Here, we are doing everything to restore their beautiful patterns so they can proudly decorate Your houses once more no matter how old they may be.


Wjazd do naszej pracowni od ul.Dewajtis
Entry into the studio from the Dewajtis street

Those decorative fabrics are finding their way to us in all conditions. Ones with visible indications of being overused, others meticulously conserved and well-loved. Ones freshly bought at the local market, others being family heirlooms with amazing histories. Regardless, they all have one thing in common – concern of their present owners for their fate.

After years of performing repairs, we are experienced in repairing your treasured fabrics such as old pre-war Cracow kilims, very beautiful art pieces from the Okno or Gliniany, oriental handcrafted carpets and many other tapestries. We protect their edges if the warp is getting loose, we are recreating parts of damaged warp and the holes, missing pattern fragments and tassels.

Studio offers following services:

  • lining edges of kilims and carpets with stiffing tapes
  • sewing in handmade brass handles, for hanging Your tapestry on walls
  • sewing turnips or sleeves for hanging Your tapestry on walls
  • lining with natural fabrics undersides of pieces that were very destroyed
  • hand cleaning carpets and kilims with natural cleaning agents
  • refreshing carpets by trimming a minimal amount of fleece
  • recreating faded colours on wool and silk carpets
  • protecting woollen fabrics from moth with safe plant repellents
  • machine hemming wool carpets and rugs with woollen thread
  • issuing certificates of authenticity and origin for carpets and kilims
  • making professional in-studio photographs of carpets, kilims and other large fabrics

We also take other unusual orders concerning repairs of tapestries – let us know what You need.