Workshop of repair of fabrics

Warmly we welcome to the side of the studio.

This place came into existence from great love of old fabrics. We are repairing, we are darning and we are saving carpets, kilim carpets, tapestries, Gobelins, old embroideries from damage, tapiserie and all tapestries. We are trying then again them to please with one’s appearance and in spite of the age still were an ornament of your houses. They are finding their way to us in the all sorts state. One with visible indications of the abuse, other meticulously conserved. He is linking all these decorative fabrics one – concern of their present owners for their fate.

Wjazd do naszej pracowni od ul.Dewajtis
Entry into the studio from the Dewajtis street

You are take handicraft products to be repaired – old prewar Cracow kilim carpets, very beautiful copies from the Okno whether Gliniany, oriental carpets by hand combined and many other tapestries. We protect their edges against further spinning, we are performing excerpts of damaged warp and the motif (holes), we are supplementing wiped fragments of the pattern, we are fixing tassels.

Specimens of kilim carpets, Gobelins or carpets which we are subjecting to the renovation then again can perform functional functions, to which they were created. They are decorating walls and floors in your houses and aren’t already frightening tassels with holes and the lack. We apply untypical solutions in special cases.

Discretionary of customer:

  • we are lining edges of kilim carpets and carpets with tapes in order to stiffen them,
  • we are sewing – brass handles made by hand, facilitating hanging on the wall
  • we are sewing turnips or sleeves onto hanging on the wall
  • we are lining copies very much destroyed with natural fabrics
  • we are cleaning carpets entrusted us for repair and kilim carpets with natural preparations
  • we protect woollen fabrics from moth, applying plant repellents

We undertake also other untypical orders concerning repairs of tapestries.