Washing carpets and kilims

In process of washing kilims and carpets we use only natural cleaning agents and the mildest surfactants. We are preparing effective cleaning extracts based on ancient prescriptions.

Not only are they cleaning decorative fabrics, but also cause them to recover their original fluffiness and nice appearance. In addition, our method of washing is protecting wool from moths, while being safe for people and animals.

Washing kilim carpets is done exclusively by hand in order not to damage delicate and precious fabrics.

Our methods are drawn from techniques of maintenance of hand-woven carpets used in the area of former Persia and Turkey. Thanks to their inventions kilims and carpets are not only clean, but also are keeping their colours.

We’ve acquired extensive knowledge about different fibres, their respective periods and areas of origin. Therefore, we can assess if the dyes used were natural or artificial. Then, we know how to clean them without doing damage to the pattern or fibres.

We do not have to guess what the effect of washing your carpet, kilim or gobelin will be – after examining them, we simply know it!

Kilim “Współczesny”

If the condition of the kilim or carpet allows it, we are washing them before proceeding to repair. In case of serious damage which could be worsened by cleaning, we make the initial repairs first. After that, we proceed with washing and finish repairing when the fabric is clean.

We care about providing full service and streamlining the process of repair. Now you can fully revive Your carpet or kilim in one place – our studio at Dewajtis 3 in Warsaw.