The wash and the maintenance of carpets and kilim carpets

The wash and the maintenance of kilim carpets are performed by us exclusively based on natural preparations. Independently, based on ancient prescriptions, we are preparing very much effective and simultaneously extracts safe for people and animals. Not only they are cleaning decorative fabrics in depth entrusted us, but also cause that they are recovering the fluffiness and the nice appearance. Mothproof protecting wool is an additional asset of our method.

Washing kilim carpets takes place at us by hand in order not to damage strained fabrics.

Our methods are referring to techniques of the maintenance of carpets by hand combined from the area of former Persji and Turkey. Thanks to them kilim carpets  are not only clean, but also are keeping their colours. Our centres and techniques are truly environmental and deprived of artificial chemicals.

We know a lot about textiles, not only what fibre we recognize of they are made, but also originate from what area of world and the period. Therefore we are able to state whether are being coloured with natural dyes, or artificial. What technique they were made in and how it is necessary to deal with them. We not have to guess what effect of washing your carpet, the kilim carpet or the Gobelin will be – after examining them, simply it we know!

Kilim "Współczesny"
Kilim “Współczesny”

If the state of the kilim lets it, we are conserving them before proceeding to repair. In case of damage threatening the structure of these fabrics, initially we are repairing breakdowns and after the washing we are finishing work. It is particularly essential at supplementing fleece and the motif, because cleaned have other colour a little bit than dirtied.

We care about the full service and now to commission to streamlining the process of the repair and maintenance, with which you can in one place – in our studio at Dewajtis 3 in Warsaw.