Tag: repair of old embroideries

Repair of oriental kilim carpets and hand-woven carpets

Repair of carpets and kilim carpets is one of services, which our workshop is making with. The renovation demands great manual skills and patiences which we have. We are trying to make losses up this way so that they are like least visible, but please remember that it is repair, […]

Wycena uszkodzonego kilimu

Evaluation of repair rugs and gobelins

Repair of the carpet, reconstructing tassels or reconstruction of fleece are performed exclusively by hand. The calculated cost of repairs is individually depending on degree of complicating the pattern, scope of necessary repairs, kind of techniques weaving and used for repair of materials.               […]

Stół do naprawy dywanów i kilimów w pracowni

Workshop of repair of fabrics

Warmly we welcome to the side of the studio. This place came into existence from great love of old fabrics. We are repairing, we are darning and we are saving carpets, kilim carpets, tapestries, Gobelins, old embroideries from damage, tapiserie and all tapestries. We are trying then again them to […]