Repair of oriental kilims and hand-woven carpets

Repair of oriental carpets and kilims is our main focus. Both contemporary and older pieces of handicraft require special care, great manual skill, knowledge and above all – patience. Different details of pattern, colours, weaving technique and tassels make each fabrics unique. Therefore, every new carpet in our workshop is a new challenge.

Our reconstructions of hand-woven fabrics are made exclusively by hand, exactly in a way they were originally created.


As can be seen, our work considers both aesthetics and functional values of carpets. For this reason, we aim to make our repair invisible but please remember that it’s a repair and not a recreation of an entire fabric. Older specimens have their yarn brittle and faded in colour so it won’t look brand new. Also, keep in mind the condition of the wool. Sometimes what looks like a small defect turns out to be very serious.

Only correctly fixed carpet is raising in value as time passes.

We are directing our services to everyone who has hand-woven kilims and carpets and want to restore their former charm. No matter if it’s simple darning or recreating tassels, warp, fleece or weft, contant us and see what we can do for You.

Meticulously performed repair will cause that carpets being in your possession will serve You for years to come.

I invite You to take advantage of our services.

Agnieszka Żmuda